Bespoke training for the Recruitment Industry.


About Laura

Originally from London and with a background in business support recruitment for a leading player in the UK market, Laura moved to Sydney in 2011 to follow the path of many other sun seekers before her.

To cut a long story short, Laura now has over a decade of recruitment experience across both the London and Sydney markets, and is the proud creator of HopesConsult, an independent boutique training consultancy offering the very best in recruitment training in Sydney. With 10 years’ experience working with a range of organisations, from independent traders to global operations, Laura has placed over 2000 candidates into roles and has managed and led teams to high level success. The co-founder of Lotus People Recruitment, an award-winning business support agency, a Yoga Teacher and Recruitment Trainer, Laura brings her varied and extensive experience to mentor aspiring high billers and managers in their recruitment and HR careers. With a passionate, expressive and practical hands on approach, Laura works one on one or with teams to redefine the recruitment process and ultimately increase sales, revenue and customer experience.


Mindfulness Workshops

Meditation and Mindfulness are buzz words on everyone’s lips in Corporate land today, but do we actually know what they mean? And by understanding what they mean, does that give us the tools to implement them?

With 12 years experience in agency recruitment and another 3 years in health and wellbeing, I have created a mindfulness and meditation 1 hour express workshop that is relevant, accessible and relatable.

We will break down the fundamentals behind mindfulness and meditation philosophy and provide you with practical and effective techniques that can be practiced in the workplace and at home, with as little as ten minutes to spare.

The ultimate aim is to provide your employees with tools to increase their wellbeing, mental health and concentration, in a practical and open environment.